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Rovetta & Co is a Montreal based brand, that recycles noble materials, such as fur and leather, to create unique jewelry and high-end fashion accessories, handmade in Mile-End.

The Canadian furs used for the creations are 100% recycled and are from Montreal and surroundings, a major fur trade hub since the 17th century. 


The Wild and Fur Collection jewelry and accessories are honoring various types of Canadian recycled furs, such as coyote, wolf, raccoon, red and Norwegian fox, and rabbit.


Furs are chosen and cut with care, according to their texture and their color composition in order to create contemporary and chic unique pieces or small series, highlighting the nobility of the material.


Through its selection of local and ecological sourcing, Rovetta & Co is an eco-responsible brand, proud of contributing to sustainable, and environmentally friendly fashion.

Røvetta & Cø

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